Graduate Advisory Council (GAC)

Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) - By Laws

A. Membership

1. The Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) consists of:

  • The Dean of CGCE (or his designee), who serves as chair and is an ex-officio member;
  • One managerial/professional staff or faculty member representing each of the seven academic colleges, with the exception of Education which, due to its size, has two members
  • One representative from the University Senate.

2. Each college representative is designated or approved by the Dean of the respective college according to a process internal to each college. The University Senate representative is designated or approved by the President of the Senate.

3. Each represented unit must identify an alternate in case the representative is unable to attend a meeting. Alternates are also welcome to attend meetings, even if the representative is present.

B. Voting

1. The regular college representatives and the Senate representative have a voice and vote.

2. In cases where an alternate is in attendance in addition to the regular member, the alternate has a voice but no vote.

3. Members of the Rowan community (who are not GAC members) but who attend open meetings of the GAC will have a voice but no vote.

4. The Dean votes in cases in which there is a tie.

C. Term Limits & Replacements

1. The term of service for a faculty representative is two academic years. Faculty members can serve up to two consecutive terms for a total of four years.

2. There is no term limit for managerial/professional staff representatives unless indicated otherwise by the Dean of the respective college. It is expected that managerial/professional staff representatives will serve for at least two years in a row.

3. In the event a member cannot finish with his/her term, the designated alternate will become the official member for the remainder of the standard term.

D. Charge

1. To advocate and promote graduate and post-baccalaureate (post-bac) education at Rowan University.

2. To serve as an advisory body to the Dean of CGCE in areas related to graduate/post-bac students and graduate/post-bac programs.

3. To articulate, establish (following Rowan Senate guidelines), and maintain proper graduate/post-bac standards and policies for graduate/post-bac programs consistent with the university mission and goals.

4. To articulate, establish, and maintain standards and policies in such matters as the graduate assistantship program and standards for presentation and formatting of theses and dissertations.

5. To assist the Dean of CGCE with establishing and implementing best practice procedures for reviewing and making decisions on graduate student petitions, appeals and grievances.

6. To assist with CGCE communication efforts (related to graduate/post-bac education) and to keep their respective college community abreast of graduate/post-bac information of which they should be aware or in which their in-put is desired.

7. To identify local and national issues, practices, and trends that should be considered by the GAC and the University at large in our ongoing effort to provide the best possible educational experience for our students.

E. Council Members’ Duties & Responsibilities

1. To attend (or send their alternate) to GAC meetings and to participate in related follow-up discussion – both in meetings and as needed via email.

2. Each college representative serves as liaison, on graduate/post-bac matters, between CGCE and the respective college Dean and college community.

3. Each college representative is responsible for coordinating the process and selection of graduate assistants (GA) (according to established guidelines/timelines) and to report such activities to the Dean of CGCE.

4. Members of the GAC are expected to appoint a representative to: the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Graduate Honor Society (AEL) and to any standing or ad-hoc committee or task force in need of graduate/post-bac studies representations.

5. The Senate representative is expected to be the liaison between GAC and the Senate Academic Policies & Procedures Committee as needed.

F. Duties and Responsibilities of the Council’s Chair

1. To convene a meeting of the council at least once a term or as needed.

2. To establish and request contributions for the agenda prior to a council meeting.

3. To record and distribute minutes of the council meeting.

4. To ensure that meetings and decisions are executed according to the basic procedures of Robert’s Rules of Order.

5. To ensure that the GAC is represented in any of the standing or ad hoc university committees or task forces where a council representative is required.

6. To present to the GAC an annual report on the budget and revenues of the graduate/post-bac revenue center at the end of each fiscal year.

G. Meeting Attendance & Quorums

1. Many meetings of the GAC are open to the Rowan community. A calendar of such meetings and key decisions from the GAC will be posted regularly in the CGCE’s internal website for faculty and staff (

2. Open meetings of the GAC can also be attended by members of the University community with an interest in voicing their opinions on graduate/post-bac education matters.

3. Quorum rules: Meetings will be called to order with the presence of the majority of its membership (i.e. six members including the chair).

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Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) - Members

Graduate Advisory Council Members for Academic Years: 2012–2013 & 2013–2014

  • Faculty members are appointed or elected to serve for a period of two consecutive academic years, and can be re-appointed or re-elected for a second period. That is, faculty members cannot serve for more than four consecutive academic years.
  • Managerial/professional staff has no term limit and serve at the discretion of the dean of the respective college.


Name College Starting AY Ending AY
James Jordan Business 2010–2011 2013–2014
Edward Moore Communication & Creative Arts 2012–2013 2013–2014
Terri Allen Education           2012–2013 2013–2014
Kara Ieva Education 2010–2011 2013–2014
Robi Polikar Engineering 2009–2010 2012–2013
Mike Vigorita     Humanities & Social Sciences 2012–2013 2013–2014
Marian Stieber Performing Arts 2012–2013 2013–2014
MaryLou Kerwin Science & Mathematics 2012–2013 2013–2014
Barbara Bole-Williams University Senate 2009–2010 2012–2013

Alternate Members

Name College Starting AY
Dan McFarland Business 2010–2011
Jennifer Courtney Communication & Creative Arts 2012–2013
Vacant Education ---------------
Yusuf Mehta Engineering 2010–2011
Scott Morschauser Humanities & Social Sciences 2012–2013
Elizabeth Hostetter Performing Arts 2010–2011
Greg Caputo Science & Mathematics 2012–2013
Vacant University Senate ---------------

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Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) - Executive Summary of Graduate and Post-bac Policy Review

  • Based upon feedback over the past 2 years (since CGCE merger with the Graduate School) and from the academic review process in fall 2011, CGCE met with Associate Provost in fall 2011 and it was determined that a full review of the Graduate Handbook and all policies that affect graduate/post-bac/CGCE students was necessary.
  • The Associate Provost then set up an official GAC Representative for Academic Policies & Procedures (AP&P) Committee of the Senate so that any CGCE/graduate/post-bac policy updating took place via official University channels.  Barbara Bole Williams volunteered to serve as the GAC rep to AP&P/Senate.
  • The need/task to review and update all CGCE-related policy was brought to GAC in January of 2012 by Dean Sosa.  It was determined that the Assistant Dean, Rebecca Gollihur, and Barbara would work as a team to lead the GAC through the necessary updates/additions to the former Graduate Handbook/CGCE policy.
Overall Goals
  • To ensure that our policies are the most up-to-date, clear and understandable, and best serve the needs of our students, faculty and staff
  • To make our policies easier to locate
    • The Student Handbook should be the main source for student policy information.  To accomplish this, CGCE worked with the VP for Student Life Office (Student Handbook) and the Associate Provost (Academic Policies) to ensure that these documents addressed the policy needs of CGCE/graduate/post-bac students or directed those students to CGCE-specific information on the CGCE website.
Process for Organizing Needed Policy Revisions
  • Between January and August 2012, the existing 2009-2010 Graduate Handbook (from the former Graduate School) was divided into:
    • University-wide policies (that were untouched and simply confirmed were in the Student Handbook)
    • Resources (that we confirmed were in the Student Handbook)
    • Graduate/post-bac/CGCE-specific policies (which we divided into 3 phases for GAC review )
      • Between March and July, GAC representatives met and reviewed the graduate/post-bac/CGCE-specific policies and collected feedback from their faculty – upon which many revisions were based.
      • We removed any policies that GAC determined were obsolete or duplicated in the Student Handbook.
      • We removed any policies that were not academic in nature. These were:
        • Admissions and related policies
        • Emergency School Closing
        • Immunization Procedures
      • As of 07/09/12, all old and new policies have been reviewed and approved by the GAC and are ready for the next step.
  • In preparation for the next step, the set of graduate/post-bac/CGCE-specific policies were further divided into the following three categories to determine whether or not they needed further approval from AP&P and Senate:
    • We removed any policies that GAC determined did not include any true policy change even though there were some re-written/clarified language/forms.

UPDATE: The following policies are currently under review by the University Senate and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee therefore the links have been disabled. Please check back soon to see the updated policies.

    • New policies which are made up of the following:
      • Academic Program Policy Category Guidelines and Information (Policy Categories by Program)
      • Commencement Walking Policy (New portions added and approved by the Provost and Registrar in spring 2012)
      • Graduation Application Grace Period for Thesis/Dissertation Students
      • Honors Designation
      • Program Dismissal and University Dismissal
      • University/CGCE-wide policies vs. Program/Departmental policies
    • Significantly-updated policies are:
      • Appeals Process for Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress
      • Attendance Policy (updates concern online & hybrid students only)
      • Audit policy
      • Concurrent Application and Matriculation Policy
      • Enrollment Definitions
      • Graduate-level Credit by Examination
      • Leaves of Absence or Withdrawal from the University
      • Minimum Graduation Requirements Policy
      • Registration after Program Completion
      • Satisfactory Academic Progress Overview
      • Senior Privilege/Taking Graduate Courses as an Undergraduate Student
      • Time Limits for CGCE Program Completion
Policies for Review
  • The items listed in numbers 2 and 3 above contain the set of policies that GAC determined needed to be presented to AP&P and Senate.
  • In preparation for the open forum, please click on the appropriate links above to review the policies in their proposed format.
Current Status of Policy Review
  • In addition to the information shared throughout the spring 2012 term, the GAC plans to provide another opportunity for the Rowan community to review and contribute input for the policies before they were presented.
    • To this end, two open forums are planned (in cooperation with the Faculty Center) for September, 2012.
    • There are two opportunities to attend:
      • Thursday, September 20, 10:50 AM-12:05 PM in James Hall, Rm. 2095
      • Wednesday September 26, 3:15 PM-4:05 PM in James Hall, Rm. 3110
  • The GAC plans to meet once more after the open forums to consider the feedback provided and to prepare the final versions of all policies to present to AP&P/Senate.
  • Once approved by AP&P/Senate, GAC and CGCE will email the Rowan community and update the appropriate policy pages.

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Open Forum 2012 Information

The Faculty Center, working with the Graduate Advisory Council (GAC) and the College of Graduate & Continuing Education (CGCE), is hosting an open forum to provide an opportunity for any interested Rowan faculty and staff to discuss the proposed policies/policy updates that the GAC plans to present to the Academic Policy & Procedures Committee and the University Senate in the fall/early spring.

For the past year, the GAC has been carefully reviewing all policies that affect Rowan graduate and post-bac students in an attempt to ensure they are as up-to-date as possible and also best serve the needs of our students, faculty and staff. While the GAC representatives have already sought input from their colleges throughout the 11-12 year, we wanted to provide one more opportunity for the Rowan community to review the policies and ask any questions they might have.

The policies we plan to present are listed within the Executive Summary. Please click on each policy within the Summary in order to access and review the policy before the open forum.

The open forums will be moderated by Barbara Bole Williams, GAC representative to the Senate and faculty member in the College of Education. Members of the GAC will also be on hand to answer questions and participate in a community-wide conversation.

Thursday, September 20, 10:50-12:05, James Hall rm. 2095
Wednesday, September 26, 3:15-4:05, James Hall rm. 3110

Please RSVP to to reserve your seat.

Elaine Mann, Secretary
Faculty Center

Extension: 4353 (from off-campus, 856-256-4353)

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