Course Registration

What is a CGCE Course?

A CGCE course at Rowan University is either:

  1. a traditional (on-campus, usually 16-week face-to-face) post-baccalaureate, graduate-, or doctoral-level course; or,
  2. an accelerated, off-site, online, or hybrid (usually 8-16 week) undergraduate degree-completion, post-baccalaureate, graduate-, or doctoral-level course.

The only courses at Rowan University that are not CGCE courses are traditional-format undergraduate courses. Any registration questions for traditional-format undergraduate courses should be directed to the Rowan University Registrar's Office Opens in new window. For everything else, CGCE Enrollment Services can assist you.

Who is Eligible to Register?

Provided you are otherwise eligible (meet the course level and pre-requisites), and there is space available and no other restrictions, you are welcome to register for a CGCE course. In order to register, you must already be activated in Rowan’s student information system as either a non-matriculated student (not currently admitted to an academic program) or a matriculated student.

Click here to learn how to be set up in our system to register as a non-matriculated student.

To learn how to register as a matriculated student:

  • Click here if you are a traditional post-bac, graduate, or doctoral student.
  • Click here if you are an accelerated, off-site, online, or hybrid student.

How Do I Find Which Courses Are Offered Each Term?

All of Rowan's courses are included in an official online listing called the Section Tally Opens in new window.

Registration Questions?

Contact with any questions about registration for CGCE courses.