Program Overviews

Program Overviews contain the most up-to-date information concerning a particular program’s requirements for admissions, transfer credit, curriculum/courses, registration, and graduation requirements.

Program Overviews are dated by academic year (AY) and students will always be subject to the terms of the Program Overview for the academic year in which they matriculate to the program. Because of marketing and recruitment timelines, we may be using Program Overviews for multiple years at the same time (i.e. If a student enters Summer 2014, they should follow the Program Overview for AY 13–14, while someone entering Fall of 2014 would follow the Program Overview for AY 14–15).

Please click on the desired academic year to access the Program Overviews:

Contact Information

If you are interested in a particular program but have questions about academic issues or the program itself, please contact the Academic Advisor.  (Contact information for the Academic Advisor is included within the Program Overview and listed at

If you are interested in this program but have questions about the application process or the status of your application, please contact CGCE Admissions: 856-256-5145 or

If you have any other questions about CGCE or you are already admitted and have questions about matriculation or registration, please contact the CGCE Enrollment Services Office:  856-256-5435 or

If this is not the program you want, or you are still unsure about applying, you might benefit from speaking with a CGCE Recruiter at 856-256-4747 or

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