Financial Aid

Types of Aid

There are generally four main types of aid: Grants, Loans, Work-Study, and Scholarships. There may also be special aid options for those who are already NJ Stars, EOF recipients, transfer students, or those eligible for veteran's benefits.
Applying for Aid

CGCE students, regardless of how their course is offered (online, off-campus, hybrid, or face-to-face), must follow the same process for financial aid as other Rowan students. To apply for financial aid, all students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at (Rowan’s FAFSA code is 002609.) Applying for the FAFSA begins the federal aid process and since it is separate from any individual school’s admission process, a student does not need to be admitted to an institution to begin. CGCE strongly encourages its students to apply for aid early and to apply for any academic year in which they are eligible.


Degree Granting Programs

Degree granting programs are academic programs that lead to a degree including bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and specialist programs. While a student does not need to be admitted to apply for federal aid, a student must be admitted and matriculated (have officially accepted the offer of admission) via the signed CGCE Student Guide & Agreement Signature Page in order to receive federal aid should they qualify. Financial Aid cannot be packaged or applied to any Rowan student account until you are officially matriculated into an academic program. It is also not possible to apply financial aid retroactively to a previous term, even within the same academic year.

You must apply each academic year for federal aid, and while you may be awarded an estimated aid package for the year; aid is only officially disbursed by Rowan’s Financial Aid Office each fall or spring term to matriculated students who are registered for the appropriate minimum number of credits that particular term. This could mean that you receive aid one term but not the next. Also keep in mind that aid might not be applicable for those matriculated CGCE students who begin a program mid-term because they are usually only taking one course which does not usually qualify for the federal part-time minimum enrollment for aid.

For an undergraduate-level student 6 credit hours per term is the minimum required to qualify for federal financial aid. For a graduate-level (or doctoral) student, 4.5 credit hours per term is the minimum. (These are both considered part-time status.) Financial aid is therefore not applicable for those terms in which the total number of credits for which a student is registered is fewer than 6 (for undergraduates) or 4.5 (for graduates).

Current CGCE students, must check their Personalized Course Sequence (PCS) to determine in which terms they have enough credits to be eligible to receive federal aid. Most CGCE programs are set up such that matriculated CGCE students will meet the minimum credit hours required each term to qualify for federal financial aid, but there are a few exceptions.

Students should stay in touch with Rowan’s Financial Aid Office at 856-256-4250, throughout the aid process to ensure that they have submitted all necessary documents. For more details and the most up-to-date information about financial aid, please visit the Rowan Financial Aid Office website .

Non-degree Granting Programs

While Certificates of Graduate Study (COGS), Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study, Graduate Endorsements/Certifications, and Post-Baccalaureate programs are classified as academic, they are non-degree programs. As such, these programs are ineligible for Title IV funding. Title IV programs include financial aid from the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal TEACH Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, and Federal Work Study. However, prospective students are encouraged to seek other forms of assistance such as employer tuition reimbursement, private loans or scholarships.

Title IV Ineligible Programs

Certificates of Graduate Study (COGS)

  • English as a Second Language COGS
  • Educational Technology COGS
  • Teaching and Learning COGS
  • Special Education COGS
  • Sustainable Engineering COGS
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders COGS
  • Business COGS
  • Writing: Composition & Rhetoric COGS
  • History COGS
  • Middle Grades Math Education COGS
  • Management Information Systems COGS
  • Networks COGS
  • Reading COGS
  • Reading/Writing Literacy COGS
  • School Public Relations COGS
  • Secondary Math Education COGS
  • Software Engineering COGS
  • Web Development COGS
  • World History COGS

Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)

  • Principal Preparation CAGS
  • Applied Behavior Analysis CAGS
  • Business: Accounting CAGS
  • Business: Finance CAGS
  • Business: Management CAGS
  • Business: Marketing CAGS
  • Business: MIS CAGS
  • Mental Health Counseling CAGS

Graduate Endorsements/Certifications

  • Bilingual/Bicultural Education Endorsement
  • GCT Supervisor
  • GCT Learning Disability
  • Graduate Endorsement: Teacher of Students w/Disabilities

Post-Baccalaureate (PB)

  • PB: Teacher of Students w/Disabilities
  • School Nursing Certification
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Art Certification
  • Cartography & Geographical Information Systems
  • Music Certification
  • Reading Certification

Scholarships & Fellowships

CGCE Scholarship

The CGCE Scholarship is an award program designed for the adult learner at the graduate level. It awards up to $1,500 to one or more qualified Rowan students each spring.

The CGCE Scholarship is coordinated by the CGCE Academic Services Office and candidates are selected by the CGCE Scholarship Committee based upon the combination of the student’s cumulative GPA, their submitted statements, and their financial need as determined by Rowan’s Financial Aid Office.

Please note that, due to limited scholarship funds, a student may only be awarded the CGCE Scholarship one time during their matriculation in a particular graduate-level academic program. Former recipients of the CGCE Scholarship are not eligible to reapply for future years unless/until they have matriculated into a different CGCE program.

All active graduate students are sent information about the CGCE Scholarship between December and January. Submissions are usually are due in January. Decisions are made and monies are posted to the selected students account in February.

Rowan University Fellowship Program

Research and Teaching Fellowships are financial awards and research positions given to select students who are admitted and matriculated as graduate degree-seeking students to Fellows-eligible programs at Rowan University. All Fellows will commit to both a thesis project, as well as substantial research. Teaching Fellows further agree to teach six credits worth of courses during their enrollment.

All Fellows receive a significant tuition waiver. Additional monies may also be possible, up to the full cost of attendance, depending upon the type of Fellowship (Teaching or Research) and the availability of grants/funds at the time of entry. Any additional monies provided will be detailed before matriculation in the Fellowship Agreement Form. Unless additional funding is provided, the student Fellow is expected to pay $1,000 for tuition each term (regardless of enrolled SH) and all fees per term (according to enrolled SH). These special student costs are permitted for at least the 4 consecutive terms of enrollment, and for up to 30-31 semester hours/SH (depending upon the program), unless special arrangements are made via an additional and fully-signed Fellowship Agreement Form.

Fellowship awards are funding options available only in those Rowan graduate programs that are designated by the Provost as "Fellows-eligible." Fellows-eligible programs are noted as such in the header of their official Program Overview ( Student eligibility: Any admissible graduate-level student who applies to the Thesis Track of a Fellows-eligible program is eligible and will be considered for a Fellowship. Selection is competitive.

How & When to Apply
Students wishing to be considered for an initial Fellowship award must first apply via CGCE Admissions ( for official admission to a Fellows-eligible academic graduate program at Rowan University, following the deadlines and instructions included in the Program Overview for that particular program. All students who apply to the Thesis Track of a Fellows-eligible program are automatically considered for a Fellowship award by the Faculty Admissions Committee during the admission evaluation process. Selection for Fellowships is competitive and applying earlier than the application deadline is strongly recommended. Departmental awarding process and timeline: To award a Fellowship, the academic department should (whenever the timing of selection allows) check the proper boxes on the CGCE Admissions Summary Sheet, returning it to CGCE Admissions immediately. Then, working with their College’s Budget/Fellows Coordinator, the academic department should complete the internal Fellows Funding Form (FFF) and return it to CGCE Academic Services ( as soon as possible but no later than one week after the final application deadline for the entry point in question. Upon receipt of the FFF, CGCE Academic Services will create and send the Graduate Fellowship Agreement Form to the student. Student Notification: CGCE Admissions typically notifies the student of admission, and it may be that admission decision letters are sent to students before final decisions about Fellowships have been made. Fellowship awards are (usually) determined after the final application deadline and announced under separate cover as soon after admission as possible, but no later than 2-3 weeks after the final application deadline for the entry point in question. The award email will include the formal Fellowship Agreement Form that requires the student signature. This form will outline the funding details, along with all other instructions and paperwork necessary for proper funding and processing of the award. Fellowship awards can only be offered to formally-admitted students via the signed Graduate Fellowship Agreement Form and are only official once the student signs and returns all required paperwork.

Accepting a Fellowship Offer
To officially accept a Fellowship offer, students must sign and return both their CGCE Admissions Matriculation Form (to CGCE Admissions: as well as the Fellowship Agreement Form (to CGCE Academic Services:

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