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The Rowan University College of Graduate & Continuing Education places foremost emphasis on making quality education accessible, convenient, and affordable by using delivery modes that address the vast range of adult student needs and preferences. Our students include college graduates pursuing graduate or doctoral studies, returning college students pursuing the completion of a baccalaureate degree, employees/employers seeking professional development, and life-long learners looking for personal enrichment. Read about some of our students and what they have to say about their programs.

Meet Our Students

Below you'll find a sample of our students categorized by program interest.

B.A. in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science – Saturday Studies

Name: Nancy L. Vanace
Program: B.A. in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science – Saturday Studies
Employer: Adventure Aquarium

Photograph of Nancy Vanace Completing my bachelor's degree has been a personal goal all my life. Having a degree is not only important for career and personal development but I also consider it a rite of passage.

I chose Rowan because I love the campus atmosphere and the opportunity presented by the CGCE was unmatchable! I only have to attend classes on Saturdays, the courses are accelerated, and there is a set program schedule to follow with complete involvement and assistance from administrative advisors. I absolutely love having the family of this program to go through each step with and with which to learn and grow.

I'm learning as I go along in this program and developing career interests through each phase of the process. I do hope to find a more secure place in the working world upon completion of my degree. No matter what I do, I know that having this degree will assist me in many ways.

Name: Sheila Parker
Program: B.A. in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science – Saturday Studies
Employer: SDM & Associates, Inc. – President & Owner

Photograph of Sheila Parker I attended Rowan University from 1977 to 1980 (when it was Glassboro State College). Unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from graduating. It has been a long term goal to go back and finish my degree but as the years rolled by, I would only take a class here and there. As a mother and now grandmother who is active in my church and community organizations such as the NAACP, finding the time to complete my degree was difficult. When an administrator from Rowan mentioned the Saturday Studies program, I figured it would be a great opportunity and it has been.

The campus is conveniently located close to my home and, as a business owner, the program focus in Business will further enhance my skills in my company. Also, should I decide to move on with a new career, having a degree will make me marketable and allow me to maintain my current lifestyle. Aside from the academic preparation, what I enjoy most about this program is the camaraderie with fellow classmates. Juggling my coursework with all of my other involvements has been interesting but I love the fact that I am working toward my long-term goal!

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

Name: Maillim Henriquez
Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Employer: Virtua Memorial Hospital

Photograph of Maillim HenriquezShortly after completing nursing school, I was ready for another challenge. When Rowan brought the RN to BSN program to Virtua where I currently work full-time as a nurse, it was the perfect opportunity. The flexibility of the program accommodates my current work schedule as well as my other community involvements. Also, the online classes and assignments help a lot, especially since I work night shifts. The technology also makes it very easy to interact with other students and instructors both online and in class. After obtaining my BSN I would like to pursue an MSN. The graduate level courses that are built into this program can give me the opportunity to get started towards that goal.

Name: Diane Trump
Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Employer: Virtua Home Care, RN, Admissions Nurse

Photograph of Diane TrumpWith both kids leaving for college, the time was right and the opportunity presented itself through Rowan and my employer – Virtua Health. I had been thinking about it for a few years and was unable to find a suitable program that met my needs until now.

The program requirements were very “do-able” with my work schedule and I was able to transfer many credits from my AS degree. I also liked the idea of obtaining a degree from a university with an excellent reputation as opposed to one of the “online only” schools that advertise heavily on TV.

It is a perfect fit as I can study and do online assignments and listen to lectures around my work schedule, sometimes late at night or early in the mornings and on weekends which is a big plus when you work full-time. The online component has been a great asset to achieving my goal and I like the fact that I never have difficulty contacting anyone “live” at the university either from the nursing department, the library or the tech support assistants whenever I call for help.

I have been an RN for 22 years and was ready to advance my degree. I was also pleased to see that 2 of the course I am taking will transfer to a Masters program so I can continue on upon graduation.

Name: Alicia Leece
Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Employer: Virtua, RN, Labor and Delivery

Photograph of Alicia LeeceI lost my job earlier this year and I was having a difficult time finding a position I was even eligible to apply for. Many hospitals in the area are requiring applicants to have a BSN in order to apply. I was fortunate to find a position that does not require a BSN at this time, however I enrolled in Rowan anyway to make myself more marketable if something like this should happen again.

I researched many local Universities and found that Rowan was the right choice for me. It is close to home for the classes I do need to attend and the cost was much more reasonable than other choices I looked into. I was attracted to the fact that the majority of my classes would be online. I am working full-time and having classes online saved me time to still do the things that I enjoy. Online classes give me the flexibility to do my work when I have the time. I could be sitting at home in my pajamas in the middle of the night and be submitting my online posts which count as class participation. Instead of having a set schedule of classes that take up time during the day I am able to do a little bit here and there and still able to complete all my coursework without a problem.

I have already talked to co-workers who are considering enrolling in a RN to BSN program and I have recommended Rowan University. I feel that the University is cost effective, flexible to its students needs and the work can be completed even though many of us have busy lifestyles.

Name: Sara Conrad
Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Employer: Virtua Memorial Hospital

Photograph of Sara Conrad I was attracted to the BSN program at Rowan because of the convenience, flexible schedule, and the opportunity to advance my education. The idea of furthering my education has always been a dream of mine. When Rowan came to Virtua, where I currently work as an Administrative Supervisor, with a BSN program designed for nurses with an associate's degree it seemed like a great opportunity. As a single parent, the once a week class schedule and online coursework fits into my life perfectly. It allows me to further my education while continuing to work full time and taking care of my family. I'm even able to continue with my twenty years of volunteering as an EMT with the local emergency squad.

The online coursework has been the most enjoyable aspect of the program. They are just as stimulating as those classes taken on campus! I've just finished my third semester and the time as flown by. So far this has been a wonderful opportunity to advance my education with flexible scheduling and reasonable workloads. I strive to be successful at whatever I attempt in my career and this program, along with the strength and motivation from my family, will help me do that.

School Nursing CertificationPhotograph of Lee Seybold

Name: Lee Seybold
Program: Post Baccalaureate: School Nurse Certification – Hybrid
Employer: Clearview Regional High School, RN

Online education is great for working mothers and families balancing jobs, school activities and sports. I wanted to become a certified school nurse and Rowan offers a curriculum that leads to certification. I enjoy meeting other school nurses and learning more about my role as a school nurse. The technology makes it easy to communicate with the instructors and other students. I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting further education in the area of school nursing.

Name: Maria Gladys Cunningham
Program: Post Baccalaureate: School Nurse Certification – Hybrid
Employer: RN in Cardio/Pulmonary Unit

The format is perfect. It’s easier to do everything from home. It’s nice to see faces, but I enjoy the convenience of online school work. I was attracted to this program because it leads to certification, it’s online and flexible. The program information is upfront and the access to a human being when I call is 9 out of 10. The practicum has been really helpful. I appreciate the discussions and sharing of assignments.

Name: Theresa Hughes
Program: Post Baccalaureate: School Nurse Certification – Hybrid
Employer: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, RN; Haddon Heights School District, School Nurse, Part-Time

Being a registered nurse for 21 years, I finally decided to further my education to get a school nursing certification. Rowan offered an online speedy program that can be done on my time as a full-time working mother.

I looked for a school nurse program for three years in New Jersey. There are not many programs throughout the state but Rowan fit my needs. I was so happy to find this fantastic online program. I was attracted to the online, accelerated classes that I can complete on my busy schedule.

Name: Nancy Woloszyn
Program: Post Baccalaureate: School Nurse Certification – Hybrid
Employer: Gloucester County Institute of Technology, School Nurse

In speaking with nursing colleagues, I found most students enjoyed the program and felt that they learned a tremendous amount. I chose Rowan because of the program content and cost. The online courses are great and I enjoy the convenient Saturday meetings with the instructors and colleagues. This is a great program that respects you as an individual professional. It is flexible and filled with relevant information.

Master of Arts in Reading

Name: Natalie Gericke
Program: Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership
Employer: Pittsgrove Township Board of Education, Kindergarten teacher

Photograph of Natalie Gericke Having my Master’s degree will give me more opportunities in the education field. It will also allow me to become a better teacher for my students. I liked the sequence of courses offered, the location, and the price. I felt I could fit it into my schedule even though I am full-time teacher. The coursework better fits my lifestyle than the traditional format. Classes are once a week and only 8 weeks as opposed to 16 weeks. I feel I am able to accomplish a lot through the coursework and also network with area teachers.

In the future, I hope to become a literacy coach. This degree will give me a wide range of experience in reading and teach me the important aspects of become a reading specialist.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership

Name: Regina Harple
Program: Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership
Employer: City of Burlington Public Schools – Second grade teacher

Photograph of Regina Harple Neither of my parents had the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school and my dad has always wanted me to get my master's degree. So it has always been a goal of mine to further my education. Also, I was looking for a way to expand my career opportunities beyond the classroom. Having been a resident of South Jersey my entire life, I was aware of Rowan's wonderful reputation in the area of education and teacher preparation. That plus the focus on Educational Technology really attracted me to the M.Ed. program. Educational Technology is a growing method of instructional delivery and I'll have coursework under my belt that many other teachers don't.

As a second grade teacher and wife who is very active in my community, being able to access my coursework online is key. I've even been able to do coursework at Panera, Barnes & Nobles, or Dunkin Donuts. My goal is to apply my current coursework towards a position at the district level implementing technology in the classroom. What I love most about this program is being able to share ideas and comments with teachers in the same place as me… in the classroom and still learning. Through Rowan's Blackboard system I am able to reach out to other students and professors the minute I have a question. I'm finding myself working harder than I have in a traditional class!

Name: Surinder Kaur
Program: Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership
Employer: LEAP Academy University Charter School

Photograph of Surinder Kaur I always wanted to go into teaching and the perfect opportunity came from Rowan with the Urban Teacher Residency Program where I could receive $30,000 to complete my Masters of Education with K-12 certification as well ESL Certification. I had to commit myself for 3 years of teaching at a “high-need” urban school.

The program is completely on-line which makes it very attractive for a person who works full-time and can’t commute to Glassboro once or twice a week. I also like the 8-week classes, which are very intense but only last for 8 weeks. I was hesitating at first with the classes being online completely. I have used the blackboard system before, but not to the extreme that I used it at Rowan. It was a whole new world for me. The technicians at CGCE were always wonderful and welcoming with my questions. I learned a lot with online classes. I chose when I wanted to logon and participate in the discussions, journals, and blogs.

I plan to be a high school biology and chemistry teacher. This is my second master’s degree. It will help me step into the education world as well as help me earn more as a first year teacher.

Master of Engineering Management

Name: Kyle Gandy
Program: Master of Engineering Management - Online
Employer: Rowan University – University Engineer

Photograph of Kyle Gandy Having worked as an engineer for 10 years and with a B.S. degree in electrical engineering, I already possessed the technical skills I needed. I made the decision to further my education because I wanted to improve those skill sets that make managers effective as I progress along my career path. The MEM program was exactly what I was looking for: convenient, affordable, and from a nationally ranked university. The fact that I also work at Rowan as the University Engineer made the decision even easier. The online coursework is not only an effective learning tool but it makes taking classes very convenient while working full time and spending time with my wife and two kids. I'm committed to continuous self-improvement in my career and the MEM program is helping me achieve that. The fact that I can pause a lecture has also been very beneficial; especially with kids around.

Name: Amanda Grande
Photograph of Amanda GrandeProgram: Master of Engineering Management - Online
Employer: New Jersey Department of Transportation - Civil Engineer

The online classes are a perfect fit for my lifestyle. It allows me to maintain my current life and fit the classwork in around my schedule. I would like to move into a management position and this master’s degree is leading me in the right direction. I like being able to learn at my own pace and at a convenient time. The program I am enrolled in is 100% online. All contact with the instructors and other students is done via computer. It is extremely convenient. It is a great way to earn a master’s degree and still maintain your current lifestyle.

Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Name: Steven C. Farney
Program: Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
Photograph of Steven FarneyEmployer: Rowan University, College of Education – Assistant Dean

In order to further my career in higher education, the terminal degree is necessary. I chose the Ed.D. program at Rowan because of the quality and the convenience. The flexible structure of the program makes it easy to work full time and schedule the other activities of my life around my classes. Most importantly I have the convenience of taking classes in the comfort of my own home and easy access to my professors. I'd like to move into upper administration within higher education and the Ed.D. program will help me do that. It's a wonderful program!

Name: Mawiyah Husbands
Program: Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
Employer: Piscataway Board of Education, Quibbletown Middle School, School Counselor

Photograph of Mawiyah Husbands I decided to pursue my doctorate at Rowan because I was impressed by Rowan’s distinguished reputation. I knew that I would receive a stellar education at an affordable price.

The hybrid design of the program couldn’t be more convenient. I work full time as a school counselor in central NJ, so travelling to the main campus several times a week would have been impossible. My classes at the NJPSA are practically right in my own backyard! The on-line classes are very convenient. I am able to work at my own pace throughout the week. The classes can be intense at times, but knowing that it will be over in 8 weeks helps me to get through it one day at a time.

I was attracted to Rowan’s doctoral cohort model. I was fortunate to enter this program with a colleague and we have taken this journey together, supporting each other all along the way. I knew that I would need an encouraging support system to complete this program and my cohort has been that and more!

The Learning Management System has been very user friendly. Any minor issues I had were resolved very quickly. I have certainly become a better writer as a consequence of this program. I would enthusiastically recommend Rowan’s doctoral program in educational leadership to others. It is convenient for working professionals, rigorous without being intimidating, and it offers a well-rounded, robust curriculum. The professors are knowledgeable and leaders in the field of education.

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